Patient Satisfaction

St. Cloud Medical Group frequently conducts Patient Satisfaction Surveys to evaluate how well we are meeting our patients' needs and to identify any areas that need improvement. We are proud that our most recent overall level of patient satisfaction was very high.

  • 98% of patients felt their provider took time to listen to their concerns and answer questions.
  • 95% of patients felt their provider spent adequate time explaining test results.
  • 96% of patients felt an appointment was available within a reasonable amount of time.
  • 99% of patients would recommend the clinic to friends and family.


Here is some feedback our patients have SHARED WITH us:

"At St. Cloud Medical Group, they remember you. You don't just feel like you are just another patient."

“They made me feel comfortable and were very attentive to my questions and concerns. Awesome clinic!”

“What's not to like! Clinic is local, appts are scheduled conveniently, staff is courteous & friendly. Doctor knows me, spends ample time in exam room, orders what I need & is available when I need something.”

“Good clinic! Doctors and staff very professional with understanding and respect for their patients.”

“I like the Clearwater Clinic. All those who work there are very friendly, helpful and give me that "small town" feel. I trust them.”

“This clinic is one of the best I have ever been associated with. They are head & shoulders above the rest.”

“I am very pleased with the healthcare provided by this clinic. I feel I get all my questions answered.”

“Always very pleasant and helpful. They make you welcome and feel good. Thank you”

“They are always professional, know you by your first name which is nice, courteous and never seemed rushed if you have questions.”

“Excellent care! There should be more offices like this!”

“I go to this clinic because of the great service!”

“I would have to say the care at this clinic the entire staff is about the very best you can get anywhere. I believe they really care.”

“A good clinic and caring people work there.”

“Everyone was super helpful. They really make things easy. Appointments always go super fast.”

“I felt like I was allowed to talk about any concerns I have without being rushed or pushed along. I feel they had my best interest at heart with much respect.”

“I have always enjoyed going to St. Cloud Medical Group. The providers, nurses and office staff are always friendly and knowledgeable.”

“The staff (in all depts) are the greatest! They are kind, respectful and helpful.”

“Everyone has always been very patient and helpful.”

“I got in quickly, and got very good care.”

“I was pleased with the respect, promptness and completeness of my appt.”

“I am very fond of my doctor and SCMG. They are care focused and provide excellent service. I can honestly say I'm never disappointed with the care I receive.”

“Appreciate the genuine concern for my well being and that of my family.”

“All staff involved in our visits have been welcoming and answer our questions. It's nice they know my name and show they care about you.”

"Maintaining a culture of care, concern and respect for patients as people."

"This clinic genuinely cares for patients. Very comfortable environment."

"All things were done well. Your nurses and other staff are second to none."

"Every time we call for questions, we get an immediate response. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She takes time to look at our needs and makes sure we are comfortable. Out of concern for our son, she made sure she could see us right away."

"When I called, I talked to a real person and was able to make an appointment. The clinic I called before this one had several messages that I had to go through and when I reached a person, was told nothing was available. All the staff we had contact with were very friendly. This was a positive experience. Keep up the great work!"