Health Care Home

Patient- and Family-Centered Care from St. Cloud Medical Group

You don't have to deal with complex medical conditions on your own. Health Care Home (HCH) is a service designed to help patients who may have special health care needs or who are at risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions.

The providers and HCH team at St. Cloud Medical Group help plan and coordinate specialized care (including pre-planned visits) for chronic conditions to maintain and improve quality of health.


Our providers and HCH team use a list of identifiers to determine if there is a need for care coordination services. If you are identified as a HCH candidate, your primary care provider or our HCH coordinator will discuss the program with you.


If you decide to participate in the HCH program, our team will work with you to develop an initial care plan that contains your vital medical information and health goals. We'll review and update your plan with you at least every six months to maintain accuracy and provide care that's tailored to your needs.


Your HCH coordinator will work with your primary provider, specialists, and community partners on your behalf to improve your health outcomes and enhance your quality of life by:

  • Organizing healthcare referrals with other providers and specialists
  • Scheduling appointments for you, including pre-planned visits
  • Improving lines of communication among you and your providers
  • Helping you understand your options so you can make well-informed decisions about your health care

We're here to provide compassionate care for your complex medical conditions. Let our HCH team help you plan and coordinate your care choices.

For more information about Health Care Home, please talk to your provider.