Women have different medical needs throughout their lives; from adolescence through the child-bearing years to menopause. Our Obstetrics and Gynocology (OB/GYN) staff is knowledgeable and sensitive to those issues.

The OB/GYN department at St. Cloud Medical Group is experienced in infertility counseling, vaginal hysterectomy, ablation, Essure, high-risk pregnancy, and delivery. We have the ability to perform laparoscopic hysterectomies – a less invasive alternative to traditional hysterectomies. A full-time nurse practitioner is also available for routine PAPs and prenatal appointments.

In the area of infertility counseling, we offer in-depth evaluation of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. We will work with you on ovulation induction and artificial insemination with a partner or donor without a monthly fee.


Diane R. Duckworth, D.O., FACOG, Michael J. Eighan, M.D., FACOG, Sara E. Boleyn, C.N.P.