When your child is sick, you want to know they are in the right hands. At St. Cloud Medical Group, our pediatricians are committed to delivering top-quality care to you and your family. We treat children of all ages with heartfelt, expert pediatric care.

Our Pediatrics staff has years of experience diagnosing and treating children. And our Pediatrics staff is accessible – you will almost always be able to see your primary care pediatrician in a timely manner.

We also believe that the health of your child is comprehensive, including behavioral health, nutrition and allergy consultations. When it's time to refer to a specialist for any of these concerns, you can trust the referrals of our knowledgeable and well-connected pediatricians.

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Bruce W Broman, M.D., Elaina R. Lee, M.D., Gary A. Snead, D.O., Joan M. Krueger, M.D.