St. Cloud Medical Group and CentraCare Health Integration Updates

Progress to complete our integration with CentraCare Health continues to move positively.  Many of you have expressed interest in knowing why CCH and SCMG are merging. The core reason for coming together as one organization is to better serve the people of St. Cloud and surrounding areas. By combining our expertise, we have a unique opportunity to improve our already great care, to create an excellent experience for our patients, and to do both more efficiently.

We are in the process of actively coordinating our efforts to create a seamless transition for our patients. The plan is that although we will continue to learn from each other and to grow together for quite some time, our major integration milestones will be complete September 1, 2017.

CentraCare and SCMG have a rich history of working together to care for people in Central Minnesota.  We have worked closely together for 89 years. We know each other well, and we share the same values.

Be assured that all SCMG sites including Express Care will remain open and that you will continue to have access to your providers and quality care.